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Heritage Bible Church
Monday, July 22, 2024
Study to show yourself approved by God, a workman that needs not be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth. (2 Timothy 2:15)

Heritage Basics

Heritage Basics

Heritage Basics is not just a class, it's a journey.  A quest that will answers questions and ultimately give you a confidence and a peace that will set your feet firmly on God's Word.  This journey is a 13 week course that will include a weekly sermon, worksheets, and a "Sunday School" class where we will dig a little deeper into the subject of the week. 

Heritage Bible Church strives to ensure that our congregation is firmly rooted in the basic teachings of the faith.  I pray that this class will play a key role in the spiritual growth of our church family for years to come.  As friends and family come to follow Christ, it will provide a rock solid theological foundation as they begin their spiritual growth in Christ.  It will allow mature Christians to hone their understanding of vital doctrines and it will equip them for evangelism and discipleship.

It is my prayer that this class will continue to provide a Biblical unity peace within Heritage Bible Church.  This is the only kind of unity that truly means anything in the church, based on a proper understanding of God's Word.

Heritage Basic Resources:

Lesson 1, The Bible

                         Sermon 1, "The Bible", Click to Listen
                         Lesson 1 PowerPoint- "The Bible," Click to Download/View

Lesson 2, Studying The Bible
                         Sermon 2, "How do I study the Bible?," Click to Listen
                         Lesson 2 PowerPoint- "Studying The Bible", Click to Download/View

Lesson 3, GOD, Who is He?

Lesson 4, Who is Jesus?
                         Sermon 4, "Who Is Jesus Christ?"  Click to Listen
                         Worksheets for Lesson 4- "Who is Jesus Christ?," Click to Download/View & Print     
                         Lesson 4 PowerPoint- "The Person of Christ," Click to Download/View

Lesson 5, The Work of Christ
                          Sermon 5, "The Work of Christ", Click to Listen

Lesson 6, What is Salvation?
                        Sermon 6, "Salvation", Click to Listen
                         Worksheets for Lesson 6- "Salvation," Click to Download/View & Print

Lesson 7, Who is the Holy Spirit
                         Sermon 7, "The Holy Spirit,"  Click to Listen
                         Worksheets for Lesson 7- "The Holy Spirit," Click to Download/View & Print
Lesson 8, Prayer
                         Sermon 8, "Pray without Ceasing," Click to Listen  
                         Worksheets for Lesson 8- "Prayer," Click to Download/View & Print

Lesson 9, The Church, what is it?
                         Sermon 9, "The Church,"  Click to Listen
                         Worksheets for Lesson 9- "The Church," Click to Download/View & Print

Lesson 10, Spiritual Gifts
                         Sermon 10, "Spiritual Gifts," Click to Listen
                         Worksheets for Lesson 10- "Spiritual Gifts," Click to Download/View & Print

Lesson 11, Telling Others, Evangelism
                         Sermon 11, "Evangelism,"  Click to Listen
                         Worksheets for Lesson 11- "Evangelism,"  Click to Download/View & Print

Lesson 12, Love and Obedience
                         Sermon 12, "Love and Obedience," Click to Listen
                         Sermon 12 (Part 2), "Revere and Fear," Click to Listen
                         Worksheets for Lesson 12- "Obedience," Click to Download/View & Print

Lesson 13, How can we know God's Will
                         Sermon 13, "Finding God's Will," Click to Listen